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Beliefs Have Consequences

And supernatural beliefs sometimes have consequences so horrible, they stagger the imagination.

Here’s a terrible reminder of these simple facts:

Mozambican Boy Castrated For Witchcraft (Capital Bews/AFP; Oct 15)

MAPUTO: Two men were sentenced to 20 years in prison for cutting off a nine-year-old boy’s testicles, penis and eyes to sell to a Malawian witchdoctor, Mozambican state radio reported Thursday.

One of the men was the boy’s uncle, who lured him with crackers to go rat-hunting in woods near the Malawi border, while the accomplice hid nearby, the court sentence read.

One attacker covered the youth’s mouth while the other hit him on the chest with a rock. They then cut off his organs and left him for dead, while one took the body parts in a bag to a middleman in Malawi, where they hoped to sell the flesh for about 560 dollars (400 euros).

The boy was discovered alive the next day and taken to hospital in Malawi.

“The crime they committed was horrible. The court condemns them to 20 years’ imprisonment,” judge Jorge Langa said, according to the radio report.

Many Mozambicans believe in witches who use human parts in remedies to cure diseases.

To learn about some of the other terrible consequences that belief in witchcraft and the supernatural is inspiring in that part of the world, see the entry I posted on Oct 1.

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