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Who Would Jesus Snuff?

Looks like gOd has whispered the answer to yet another theist who is much more open-minded to the possibility of such things than any atheist I know:

Roanoke Man Charged With Threatening To Kill President Obama (WSET-TV; Dec 6)

ROANOKE, Virginia: A Roanoke man is facing federal charges after making threatening comments to the Secret Service about President Obama.

Steven John Gurczynski had been under investigation by Roanoke Police, who then turned the case over to the Secret Service.

Authorities say he said God told him to “put a bullet in President Obama’s head” and that it was “his duty”.

Court records show that at least one other witness heard similar threats.

Gurczynski was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation by late January.

I wonder if they’ll discover he was just high off incense and tea….

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