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Myths About Atheism

There are a lot of myths and uncertainties surrounding what atheism is and what it means to be an atheist. For example:

  • Atheism is some kind of phase that people will eventually pass through (It’s not the terrible two’s).
  • Atheism is a form of denial or rebellion against God due to some unfortunate life circumstance (That sometimes helps, but so does a clear and open mind).
  • Atheists are just angry at the world and organized religion (We can be happy, too).
  • Deep down, atheists really do believe in God (Deep down, theists really do not mean this).
  • Atheists worship themselves as a god (I’d only be fooling myself).
  • Atheists worship empirical science as a god (A strange god that would be).
  • Atheists don’t believe in anything (I believe that the sun will come up tomorrow).

The list could go on, but it is important to realize that when thinking about atheism one must separate the concept from the person. Not every atheist is an atheist for the same reasons and there is not a single stereotype that can applied to all atheists.

A general misunderstanding of what atheism is and who atheists are can, unfortunately, lead to disrespect, mistrust, or even downright scorn and hate. Coming out as an atheist to one’s family, friends, or colleagues can sometimes be even more socially awkward than coming out as a homosexual. Fortunately, knowledge is a remedy.

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